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Danitza Rave
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I meant to leave this review a few months ago. Pronto Tax was my one and only life saver to the snowball of issues I had this past tax season - they were the ONLY one's more than willing to help a prior student. Andy and his Team went way out of their way to help me get my CTEC and everything else on track (it is a very long and personal story so I will not bore you with that). Lets just say I was literally at the end of my rope mentally and emotionally and they were literally MY personal Super Heroes. 
Needless to say I am a lifelong student and promoter of Pronto Tax. They know what they're doing, their courses are way above par, and their willingness to help? PHENOMENAL. 

Thank you so much for all the work you guys did for me in resolving my issues when NO ONE else wanted to or was willing! You rock! Keep up the wonderful work you do - and just know - you have one woman out there that think of you as her personal Super Heroes!!!!! 

Danitza Rave