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Has the Business Use of Home Tax Credit Changed for 2013?

Home Use of Office

By Tim Frye

Change is part of life, and the tax code is definitely no different.  In fact the code seems to require more upkeep and see more change to its parts than a jaguar on its last leg.  For 2013 one of the major changes to the tax deduction portion of the code is the alteration made to the popular business use of home deduction available to those self-employed taxpayers who use a home office as their principal place of business.  It enables the small business owner to essentially write off a portion of the home's expense as a business deduction.  In 2013 the credit has been simplified but has seen significant change.  Let's discuss the new attributes of the Business Use of Home Deduction.

Can a Married Taxpayer Claim Head of Household?

Married and Claiming Head of Household

By Tim Frye

Taxpayers have many questions when it comes to the confounding tax code and its endless complexities.  Indeed, this is why CPAs make such a good living, because, really, who wants to spend every day immersed in such madness.  One question people often ask is if they can claim file separate from their spouse and still claim Head of Household on their taxes.  With swift brevity the answer on its face is a big fat NO.  Taxpayers who are married by the last day of the tax year are required by the IRS to either file Married Filing Jointly or Married Filing Separately.  There is one way in which a married taxpayer can file separately from their spouse and one or both of them can claim Head of Household, and that is what will be explained here.

Can Gay Couples Now File Married Filing Jointly?

By Tim Frye

The world is changing rapidly every day.  It seems that civility is becoming more routine.  Minority groups are being treated much more fairly than in years past, and one minority group that is now having its rights recognized is the same sex couple.  For tax purposes in 2013, same sex couples who are legally married will be allowed to file married jointly on their federal tax return.  This decision comes from the overturning of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act of 2013. This article will describe in detail how same sex couples can now file married filing jointly on the federal level, regardless of state provisions on this matter.  




Is It Hard to Pass the Course for Tax Preparer Continuing Education?

By Tim Frye

California tax preparers are required by the CTEC organization to complete twenty hours of continuing education every year to be eligible to do taxes the following tax season.  If these hours are not completed by the set deadline, then the preparer will be disqualified from doing taxes in the upcoming season.  The bosses at CTEC are requiring that course providers be up to standard when it comes to the overall difficulty and relevancy of their test material.  So the continuing education test that will complete the required twenty hours is surely not going to get any easier, and this article will discuss the actual difficulty of the examination and its specific material. 




What is a Great Tax Preparer?

By Tim Frye

Tax preparation is an interesting profession.  The product that is offered is one that much of the public needs, which means there is plenty of competition out there.  The everyday tax preparer is competing against a tremendous amount of forces.  They are fighting for clients with the big boys like HR Block and Jackson Hewett.  They are fighting for clients with those small mom and pop preparer offices that are ubiquitous throughout the nation.  They are even fighting with the customer himself, who many times will choose a prevalent and efficient do-it-yourself program like Turbo Tax.  The bottom line is that if a person wants to make it big doing taxes, he needs to stand out.  They need to be a great tax preparer.  This article will take a look at the top traits of the prodigious tax preparer.







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