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How to Make NO Money Doing Taxes

By Tim Frye

When it comes to learning a skill it is often most beneficial for the person to be shown exactly how to NOT perform the task.  So when learning how to prepare taxes you may want to learn the best ways to fail as a tax preparer first.  There are a multitude of ways to do a bad job when you are preparing a client's taxes and the consequences of your failure could reverberate for you and your client in the years to come.  You have your client's life in your hands when you are tapping that keyboard.  So let't take a look at the best ways for a tax preparer to make NO money doing taxes.



How Do I Get a lot of Tax Clients? Part Two

By Tim Frye

Offer Tax Services and Notaries and Other Services

One of the keys to acquiring a big client base preparing taxes is to simply get the bodies in the door.  You can do this by offering all sorts of peripheral services such as notarization, tax resolution, employee training and insurance sales.  You can cross fit the industries together and get that notary client or insurance client and turn them into a tax client. 



How Hard is it to Prepare Taxes?

By Tim Frye

If you are looking to become a tax preparer, then of course you would want to know how difficult the process is before you jump right into the arena of tax preparation.  As with any profession, the job seems a lot harder when you are looking in from the outside.  That is not to say preparing taxes is easy by any stretch of the imagination, but the modern day tax preparer can get away with being a lot less educated due to the proficiency of today’s tax software.  This article will answer the question of how hard it is to be a tax preparer in in turn give you some vital information when you start on your path to become one of the best tax pros in the business. 



How Do I Get a Lot of Tax Clients?

By Tim Frye

Being a tax preparer is not an easy gig.  You have to know your taxes, and with that you also have to possess a level of charisma that keeps your clients coming back for more.  Yes, there are those dry tax preparers who swim in a pool of banality to be sure.  But the great ones are good socially, and can crack their clients up while simultaneously cracking the tax code and cutting thousands from their tax bill.  To get a ton of clients coming back year after year you are going to have to do more than just crunch numbers.  You are going to have to develop a unique reputation as a consistent, knowledgeable tax pro who all the while provides valuable but affordable services.  Let us take a look at some of the best ways to amass a large client base preparing taxes


Should I Get My Tax License and Prepare Taxes for Money?

By Tim Frye


As the years go by, and time exponentially speeds up, our well being continues to depend on that good old-fashioned green paper.  Without a buck to stand on, you are going to find it difficult to do anything in life.  And it seems to be harder than ever in America to find a great career, even with a degree.  Searching for a job nowadays is something akin to searching for a missing plane in the bermuda triangle. So if you are looking to find a job that has the potential to make you a lot of money quickly, tax preparation may be the career for you.  Tax preparers make good money, if they can find the clients,  and last time we checked people are still pretty confused about the tax code.  Ergo, they are gonna need help far into the future.  So yes, you should get your tax license right away with Pronto Tax Class!  And here is why.




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