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Pronto Tax Class Blog

 Is Doing Taxes Fun?

 By: Jamie Waggoner

When considering if doing taxes are fun, most assumptions fall under the answer no.

Even the question itself seems kind of absurd.  I mean seriously, how could doing taxes be fun?  Is going to the dentist fun?

This blog is here to talk about how that isn’t always the case and sometimes the answer is indeed yes, doing taxes is fun sometimes, for some people...let's learn more.


 3 Tax Write Offs That You’d Never Think Of

 By: Jamie Waggoner

In this blog, you will learn about a few amazing tax write offs that most people would never think of!

This short list of unexpected tax deductions works great for anyone who might fall under these tax write off categories.

This short list is also a window into just how much flexibility and even creativity the IRS allows when it comes to tax deductions...many people are surprised.

Messed Up On My Taxes--How Long Do I Have To Fix Them?

By Jamie Waggoner 

Mistakes happen, especially when it comes to taxes.  In life we may end up filing 30, 40, 50, even 60 or 70 tax returns and there's just no way to expect that anyone would have a perfect record.  Not when the tax code is more than 70,000 pages long!

A common concern we hear from tax clients, and even from our Pronto Tax School Members, is how long do you have to fix a tax return after a mistake is made.

So, let's talk about that in this blog post and see if we can give you some information about how long you have to correct mistakes on taxes...





How Do Your Taxes Change When You Get Married?

By: Jamie Waggoner

There are a few things everyone should know before they marry someone and one of those things is knowing about your spouse's financial issues.  One of the main financial issues that people have is--you guessed it--taxes.

 Knowing about your soon-to-be spouse's tax issues is a good idea...because it is going to come out whether you like it or not after you say “I do”...and this is one "surprise" that most people don't find romantic!

It's also important to have an idea how your taxes will change when you get married.  Here in this blog post are some things that will change tax-wise when you get hitched...


 Vacation…Can I Write It Off on My Taxes?

 By Jamie Waggoner

Ever wondered why they have conventions in fun places where you'd like to take a vacation? 

For example, a doctor convention in Hawaii.  Think maybe those doctors are writing that business trip off on their taxes and may have some fun while they're in Hawaii?

You may be onto something...but is it legal according to IRS to deduct travel expenses related to a vacation?




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