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Pronto Tax Class Blog


What are the Characteristics of the Best Tax Preparers?

By: Jamie Waggoner

How do Tax Preparers handle people?

When considering becoming a tax preparer the first question you should ask yourself is are you good with people?


One characteristic that makes a great tax preparer is being customer oriented.


You are working for your customer, the customer matters most, and you will do what it takes to keep them happy.



What Job Can Bolster Your Resume

By: Jamie Waggoner

What Job Is a Good Resume Builder?

Becoming a tax preparer could be the perfect job to put on your resume, especially when you aren’t sure what you want to do in life, but want some

experience in a professional occupation.


This job is perfect for a resume because it isn’t a random job, this job takes a lot of skill, unlike for example, working at a minimum wage eatery.


Future employers will look twice when coming across this on your resume and will want to learn more.  


Plus, you can become a professional tax preparer online, fast, for around $300 total investment.


How to Avoid Illegally Claiming Head of Household on Your Taxes

By: Jamie Waggoner


In this blog post, we are going to discuss four ways how to avoid illegally claiming Head of Household on your taxes.


This happens quite often. Sometimes people do it on purpose. Sometimes people don't know what's being done by their tax preparer.

The reason so many people claim Head of Household incorrectly is because, well, claiming Head of Household, you are eligible for more tax refund money than by choosing another filing status. 


The consequences, however, can be more trouble than its worth.

7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Write Off on Your Taxes (Until Pronto Taught You)

By: Jamie Waggoner 


At first when we started out with our online tax course, it was created for professionals. 


We ended up finding out, however, that many people want to take an online tax course just for their own knowledge.

So many times, we hear from our students that they're able to help THEMSELVES on their own taxes as a benefit of completing our course.

"Can I Claim My Cousin as a Dependent on My Taxes?"

By: Jamie Waggoner

In this blog, we will talk about how you can claim a dependent. Specifically, how can I claim my cousin as a dependent?

 Is it possible?!

Now, I bet you are thinking, “What, my cousin? No way!”

But yes there are a few different ways that you can have your cousin qualify as a dependent on your tax return…just be careful to follow the rules before you claim that cousin.




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