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Tax Preparer at Walmart… What? Really? No Way!

By: Jamie Waggoner 

I know you must be thinking oh no, not Walmart®, a tax office can’t be at Walmart!

The thing is though, as it turns out, Walmart is actually a perfect place for a tax office to set up shop.  In fact, the tax company Jackson-Hewitt® has enjoyed massive success placing "kiosk" style offices within Walmart.

Your first impression of Walmart may be cheap prices, interesting people, and not your first choice of where to go on a Saturday night.

Why would you want to do your taxes at Walmart of all places?!

Well as with many things in life, something that seems like a questionable idea turns out to be a great idea...just keep reading this blog to find out why this strategy works...any tax preparer looking for cheap, effective office space can learn a lot from what Jackson-Hewitt did in partnering with Walmart.



How Fast Can I Become a Tax Preparer?

 By: Jamie Waggoner



Well the minimum amount of time according to using the online courses from Pronto Tax School would be about three days tops!


Yes, just 72 hours to become a certified tax preparer!


This is great when considering fast employment or meeting deadlines for certification depending on if you are trying to get a job at a tax office or not.


What Should I Say in a Tax Preparer Interview?

By: Jamie Waggoner

How much does experience matter?

Experience is going to be the main part of any interview when applying for a job of any kind.


Employers like to know what you have to bring to the table and how much experience you already have at doing specific jobs.

Having experience separates you from the large pile of people that already are try to get the same job you are trying to get.


Even if you don’t have experience to mention, you may have some training that you have done in the past, which is an experience in itself, so bring it up!


 Can I Be a Tax Preparer at Any Time of The Year?

By: Jamie Waggoner


True or False?

Yes, it is true you can be a tax preparer at any time of the year!



Being a tax preparer means year-round work.



You are lucky because taxes are never going away, people will always need a tax preparer.


It is a nice job that has decent security.



3 Biggest Problems New Tax Preparers Face

By: Jamie Waggoner


New tax preparers have to face insufficient training when they first start out in the world of tax preparation.


Certain online tax preparing courses don’t have hands on training, which makes it difficult for new tax preparers going into the job without doing any preparations.


Good thing about Pronto Tax is they offer hands on training in their courses, offering practice tax returns!




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