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Ways for Tax Preparers to Make Money When It's Not Tax Season

By Tim Frye

As with any business that is conducted in an independent contractor type fashion, it takes a tremendous amount of drive and resilience to be successful as a self-employed tax preparer. In addition to the normal difficulties faced by any person competing in our hyper-competitive global economy, tax preparers face the incredible challenge of seasonal work, and the everlasting question: what do I do to support myself once tax season ends?!?!?

Climbing the Ladder

In this article, we'll give you some ideas of additional certifications that you can obtain to increase your earning potential as a tax preparer not only during tax season but in the off-season as well.

Do Bilingual Tax Preparers Make More Money?

By Tim Frye

Anytime you speak more than one language, it will no doubt help you in whatever form of business you are involved in, especially the service-driven business where you are dealing with people. As a tax preparer, being bilingual will allow you to reach a much broader clientele, and may give you the upper hand on those tax preparers who only speak English.

In fact, being bilingual is one of the best things for a tax preparer to be and will definitely increase your value to a potential tax preparation business employer.

spanish hello

Keep reading to find out more about why being bilingual is such a great thing for a tax preparer to be.

The Human Side of Tax Preparation

One thing that you can never forget when you are a tax preparer is the human side of tax preparation. When you are dealing with the public regarding issues of taxation, you are bound to encounter a wide variety of broke people. This is a funny video on that topic, to lighten the mood:

Many people are stressed out, overtired, and out of money by the time they come to do their taxes with you. How can you cheer them up?

Should a New Tax Preparer Ever Do Taxes for Free?

By Tim Frye

The question of whether a professional tax preparer should ever do taxes for free may seem absurd to some people. Of course you shouldn't, you didn't become a tax preparer for your health, you want to be paid for your work, this is only natural.

There are, however, times when doing a tax return for free can springboard your client base forward and give you a venerable reputation around your neighborhood. In this article, we will give you a few tips on doing a tax return for free as a beginning tax preparer.

Do Taxes for Free?

Click here to read the full article:

Pronto Tax Class New Year's Resolutions for 2012

2011 was quite a year in more ways than one. For us here at Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc., it was a particularly exciting year because we released our first online tax courses at ProntoTaxClass.com and at RenewCTEC.com. While the response from Pronto Tax Class Students has been flattering, we know that there are still ways that we can--and must--improve our online and in-person tax courses.

Keep reading to find out three ways that Pronto Tax Class plans to get better in 2012.

Happy New Year




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