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Pronto Tax Class Blog

How to Make Big Money Doing Taxes

By Tim Frye

Anybody can jump into the tax preparation game for a few years and make decent seasonal scratch, but the serious money you can make four months a year is what separates the big dogs from the rest of the pack.

Making great money doing taxes is a challenging and ego-testing endeavor indeed, but once you get your game fully on point, you can make some REAL NICE MONEY doing taxes.


This article will show you a few ways to make big money as a tax preparer.

Beginner Tax Preparer Challenge of the Day: Maximize Your Client’s Work-Related Deductions without Exposing Your Client to Undue Risk

By Tim Frye

As a tax preparer, you must strive at all times to maximize your client's tax deductions—within the bounds of the tax laws administered by the IRS. The true measure of a tax preparer's utility really comes down to you accessing all the available and legitimate deductions a client may have.

Any shaky preparer can punch random, fat, questionable deduction numbers into a 1040 and reach a favorable conclusion for the client. However, this flippant approach will not leave the client comfortable and free from the IRS' ever-expanding eye of scrutiny. For the beginner tax preparer, striking this delicate balance can be challenging to say the least; that’s why we teach this balancing skill extensively in Pronto Tax Class.

In this article, we’ll give you a few tips for maximizing your client's work-related write-offs without sacrificing your integrity or exposing the client to undue scrutiny from our friends at the Internal Revenue Service.

work related deducfions

The Truth About Money

When people have perpetual financial issues, it’s usually a case of a long standing and overall poor relationship with money. The art of changing that requires a mindset shift which leads to a new and healthier mental approach. Better thinking translates to better attitudes. New behaviors are then formed and positive results follow.

Please take a few moments to contemplate the ideas contained within the quote below. Read it at least a couple of times:

"You have much more opportunity to earn more money than you do to 'not spend' money, and yet most people spend hours upon hours clipping coupons and perusing daily deal sites instead of brainstorming how to earn more money and solve people's problems." - Susan Fujii, Kung-Fu Finance  

Tax Preparer Burn Out: How to Cope with the Inevitable

By Tim Frye

For those of you future preparers who plan on being super successful—and who doesn't plan on that?—you should also plan on being super-burned-out once tax season ends.

Experiencing that "I never want to see another tax return for as long as I live" feeling is part of being a tax preparer and certainly every successful tax preparer faces this challenge.

burnt out tax preparer 

When that end-of-tax-season burn-out sets in, you better have a concrete plan of how to deal with it or you could fall into that clinical abyss known as: tax season hangover.

This article contains a few suggestions for dealing with the inevitable tax preparer burn-out.

Do Any Tax Companies Pay You to Take a Tax Class?

If you take a tax course to become a tax preparer (such as Pronto Tax Class), do you ever get paid training to take the class? This is the kind of question that a potential new tax preparer might ask if he or she is thinking about working at one of the seasonal tax preparation chains. The answer is that, as of now, no tax course will pay you to take the actual course.

But at some point that may change and it may become possible to get paid to go to tax class to become a tax preparer.




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