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Ways to Make Money as a Tax Preparer

How Many Tax Returns Do You Need to Do to Make It "Worth It" to Become a Tax Preparer?

We received an interesting report yesterday from our partner bank, Refund Advantage. The report showed how many tax returns were e-filed in the 90745 Carson, California zip code during the 2011 tax season. We were happy to see that our Carson team with Kent Frye and Joel Earnest and Sonia Lugo e-filed more tax returns in 2011 than any other tax preparation company in Carson, California. That was gratifying to see all the hard work that Kent, Joel, and Sonia put into serving clients pay off by having the most clients in the 90745 zip code.

But what was a bit troubling was our realization, by looking at this report, that many tax preparers are not doing barely any tax returns per year. This is unfortunate, is somethikng that we'd like to help our Pronto Tax Class Students avoid, and brings us to the question: How many tax returns do YOU need to do this tax season to pull a decent profit as a first-year tax preparer?


 All Tax Preparers Are Entrepreneurs

All tax preparers are entrepreneurs--but some of them haven't realized it yet. What do we mean by this statement?

Well, it's as simple as this: every year as a tax pro, you must COMPETE for your clients' business, and in order to compete effectively, you have to summon your inner entrepreneur and market yourself effectively, "close" sales, and then market more and close more. 

If you don't compete with an entrepreneurial spirit, you won't win clients like you can and should! Click "read more" to read more, but before you do that, make sure to watch this classic movie clip:




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