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What New Tax Preparers Need to Know About Getting an EFIN from the IRS

We have been getting a lot of questions on the Pronto Tax Class Student Helpline about the issue of whether or not new tax preparers need an EFIN, what is an EFIN, how to get an EFIN, when to get an EFIN, and various other EFIN-related questions. Therefore, we have created an email that gives our Pronto Tax Class new tax preparers answers to these EFIN-related questions.

The main points to realize right away is that e-filing is mandatory for 2012 tax season for any tax preparers who anticipate filing more than 10 tax returns in 2012, and secondly the IRS can take up to 45 days to process a new EFIN application, so if you are planning to become a self-employed taxpayer, you should act now to get an EFIN in time for tax season.

Read the rest of this article to discover resources for obtaining an EFIN, the article is written as an email to our Students but we will share it with the public here on our Pronto Tax Class Blog, please add your experience in the "comments" section if you have more useful info about new tax preparers getting an EFIN in time for this tax season.

EFIN Application

Become a Tax Preparer, You Can't Lose (Much)

As we point out in our article about why to become a tax preparer, there are many reasons why someone might choose to become a tax professional.

Our recent Pronto Tax Class Live course held in Carson was an illustration of the various reasons why people choose to take our basic income tax course to become a tax preparer: one student simply wanted to be able to do his own and his family members' taxes, another student was already working at a tax company and looking to get a raise by acquiring a new credential, another student was exploring a "Plan B" option if God forbid he gets laid off from his day job.

But no matter what your reason for considering becoming a professional tax preparer, there is one aspect of becoming a tax pro that is appealing to all demograhics and that is:

It is REALLY cheap (with Pronto Tax Class) to become a tax preparer! And it's not really cheap to have your taxes professionally prepared. This equation equals opportunity for the newly minted tax preparers such as are graduating daily from our 60-hour online basic income tax course.

Become a Tax Preparer for $127

New Tax Preparers Should Try Tax Prep Software Programs Before Buying

"What tax preparation software should I use?" This has been one of the most common questions from the graduates of our 60-hour online income tax course Pronto Tax Class.

We are currently working on our reviews of the best tax preparation software for new beginning tax preparers and we should be able to release those reviews of professional tax prep software within 7-14 days once we complete our testing.

However, newly minted tax preparers should not wait for us (or anyone else) to tell them what is the best tax preparation software to use. Instead, beginning tax preparers should request free "demo" version of various tax preparation software options and test these programs out for themselves. Read more to find out why it's best to test!

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