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What are Some Secrets of the Best Part Time Tax Preparers?

By Tim Frye

Secrets to being the best tax preparer

THere are some tax preparers who just work part time within the frame of tax season, are in and out of the office, and shortly make good money for their time. Part timers are certainly not that prevalent, and there is a reason for that. Most people who do taxes and expect to make good money expect to put in long hours, and they will work twelve hour days for 100 days straight and hopefully come out the other end on top. However, there are ways to make high rates per hour doing taxes part time, and this article will uncover some of the secrets of the best part time tax preparers.



Longevity and Consistency Preparing Taxes

In order to make any money doing taxes part time you usually have had to have been around the block a few times, and have been consistent with your clientele. Many part time tax preparers have other full time jobs, and they could be in any field. The key is to be there for your clients when they really need you, and that is obviously tax season. And if you have a long tenure doing taxes, and have a reputation for being available during the crucial moments, you can make up to $500 per hour preparing taxes.

Find a Reputable Tax Company

Another secret to the art of part time tax prep is finding a well-known, busy, and reputable tax company. If you are only in the office part time, and you don't have any appointments that day, you are going to want to work for a company that has people constantly coming through those doors. And those people will be trusting of any tax preparer the company has hired, so “walk- ins” can come to you when all the full time preparers are busy and knee deep in 1040 issues.

A great tax preparation company with a reputation for efficiency and good pricing can make a lot of money per hour for a part time tax preparer. You don't want to be sitting awaiting business in an office that is just starting up, is not busy, and does not have a solid rep.

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Find a Niche Market Doing Taxes

One of the last remaining secrets of the best part time tax preparers is to develop that niche market. If you have an outgoing and unique personality that sets your service apart from the crowd, you will draw like kind clientele who will be looking to work with you and no one else, year after year. You have to find your niche market, corner it, and you will have a solid clientele that will come specifically to you, time after time.  




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