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Tax Preparer Burn Out: How to Cope with the Inevitable

By Tim Frye

For those of you future preparers who plan on being super successful—and who doesn't plan on that?—you should also plan on being super-burned-out once tax season ends.

Experiencing that "I never want to see another tax return for as long as I live" feeling is part of being a tax preparer and certainly every successful tax preparer faces this challenge.

burnt out tax preparer 

When that end-of-tax-season burn-out sets in, you better have a concrete plan of how to deal with it or you could fall into that clinical abyss known as: tax season hangover.

This article contains a few suggestions for dealing with the inevitable tax preparer burn-out.

Remember: Your Clients Are Stressed Out, Too!

The whole idea of dealing with tax clients and being the intermediary between them and the IRS is this: it can be a serious pain in the hind end.

It is vital to keep in mind that if fulfilling your "middleman" (or woman!) role is stressing you out, just think about the amount of cortisol that is consistently pumping through the system of one who owes the IRS a large amount of tax with no way to pay.

Feel the client's pain, embrace the client's burden with the client, come to a solution, and you will have a client for life. The glass is always half full. Complaining about dealing with client issues is counter productive, you should be so privileged to be dealing with any business whatsoever, in this market.

Make it a priority to alleviate your client's stress and you will find that this brings you a measure of stress relief of your own, as a result of the feeling of doing a good job for your client.

Exercise, Meditate, Get a Hobby

The offseason begins and you are seemingly lost with a mind clouded full of other people's financial statements.

You need to purge the season away immmediately in order to start a fresh slate if you want a semblance of a productive off season.

Get up early, get out, go for a run, get some sun, jump in the ocean, do whatever you can to become physically active and sweat off that tax season funk.

Start a meditation program to clear your mind of those pesky problems you dealt with during the season.

Get a hobby, and participate in some recreational activities to refresh your mind with the vigor and vitality that life deserves.

In short, get a life outside of the tax office and find things that engage your mind other than tax preparation; there are many options for doing it, but do it you must!

Too many tax preparers carry over unhealthy habits that eventually lead them to personal as well as professional distress.

Pursue an Off-Season Agenda of Continuous Education

Once you are through the purging process, which should take at least 2-4 weeks, it's time to get back on your tax horse.

Those who wish to progress in the field of tax preparation and do it fast better be on their p's and q's within months of the tax season ending.

If you don't have a plan for progress as a tax preparer, you will regress and forget everything you learned in the past year, because you will be away for eight months.

Stay diligent with those continuing client issues that have carried over into the off season that still require your attention. Keep progressing with your tax education, it is the only way that you will truly "geta ahead" in the tax game. Pay attention to current political issues that affect taxes.

After all, the best remedy for tax season burn-out is to be sitting on a big huge pile of cash at the end of tax season—and you can only get that if you consistently stay on top of what is going on in the tax world!

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