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Do Any Tax Companies Pay You to Take a Tax Class?

If you take a tax course to become a tax preparer (such as Pronto Tax Class), do you ever get paid training to take the class? This is the kind of question that a potential new tax preparer might ask if he or she is thinking about working at one of the seasonal tax preparation chains. The answer is that, as of now, no tax course will pay you to take the actual course.

But at some point that may change and it may become possible to get paid to go to tax class to become a tax preparer.

Tax Knowledge Is a Form of Payment

First of all we'd like to point out that just by learning the tricks and traps of the income tax system, this knowledge itself is a form of payment because at the very least you will be able to save yourself money on your own taxes for years to come. Pronto Tax Class and other basic income tax courses will get you familiar with such things as small business deductions, IRA contributions, and how to avoid letters from the IRS. Just knowing these three areas of tax law could save you thousands of dollars over the average person's lifetime, if not tens of thousands.

Thinking about taking out your IRA early to pay off credit card bills? How can you use a side business / self-employment to obtain tax deductions for things you are already paying for? Why is rental real estate considered a tax break by many property owners?

We are not feeding you a line here, it's the truth: knowing about taxes makes you smarter about money and being smarter about money can pay off huge.

Shortage of Tax Preparers?

If you are considering becoming a tax preparer, you should understand that the tax preparation industry is at a critical stage right now in September of 2012. The IRS has added new regulations for tax preparers such as the need to complete 15 hours of continuing education each year (it's 20 hours required continuing education for California tax preparers), and the new "IRS Competency Exam" that tax preparers must pass by December 31, 2013 at the latest. In short, being a tax preparer has gotten more expensive and more time-consuming and more of a hassle in the past few years.

It is predicted that this will narrow down the competition and cause a lot of consolidation in the industry, one rumor (unverfied by this writer!) that is going around is that approximately 300,000 people have let their PTINs expire with IRS over the past couple years.

Extremely busy tax preparation offices with well-trained tax preparers will be in high demand among clients, causing an overflow of business and a need for seasonal tax preparers. With tax laws as complex as they are currently, and so many future tax law issues in flux, the tax preparer of tomorrow will need to be smart and well-educated. The need for high-caliber tax preparers may cause certain tax preparation companies to pay for certain students to become tax preparers; keep in mind we have not heard of this happening yet, but it is a possibility if a shortage of tax preparers really does become an issue for some of the busier tax preparation companies.

Pronto Tax Class Beta Tester Programs

One thing you might consider if you are looking to get paid to go to tax class is to sign up for our Pronto Tax Class Newsletter. Here at Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc. we are going to be releasing our new IRS Competency Exam Preparatory Course at www.PassIRSTest.com within days and we will be offering an *extremely limited* number of people a free tax course to help prepare for the IRS Competency Exam in exchange for your participation as a beta tester and helping us fix the first round of bugs in our system and make suggestions to improve the course.

This new IRS Competency Exam includes 500+ pages of NEW content covering all areas of federal tax law, plus 500+ practice IRS test questions with answer explanations.

If you're interested in being a beta tester for PassIRSTest.com, sign up for our newsletter--that will be where we disburse the details of this program within a matter of days.




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