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Become a Tax Preparer


Is it Smart to Become a Tax Preparer? 

By Tim Frye

They say that two things are a sure thing in life, and those are death and well, you know the other.  And because taxes are that part of life that is inevitable unavoidable income taxe preparers have maintained several decades of job security.  There have been changes within the demographics of the industry along with the clientelle's shift in strategy.  There are more options than ever when it come to filing your taxes, and tax preparers have been pushed into developing wider arrays of products just to keep up.  Let's take a look at the ever-changing state of the tax preparation game and where it may go from here.

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How Hard is it to Prepare Taxes?

By Tim Frye

If you are looking to become a tax preparer, then of course you would want to know how difficult the process is before you jump right into the arena of tax preparation.  As with any profession, the job seems a lot harder when you are looking in from the outside.  That is not to say preparing taxes is easy by any stretch of the imagination, but the modern day tax preparer can get away with being a lot less educated due to the proficiency of today’s tax software.  This article will answer the question of how hard it is to be a tax preparer in in turn give you some vital information when you start on your path to become one of the best tax pros in the business. 


Do Tax Preparers Get Paid Hourly?

By Tim Frye

Do Tax Preparers Get Paid Hourly?

Tax preparers can be paid hourly, but more often than not are paid a commission. Tax preparers are generally not paid set salaries, due to the fact that companies usually just employ people for tax season which is only four months out of the year. The bigger tax companies tend to pay their younger tenured employers hourly. Let’s take a look at those the as pects of taxpayers getting paid hourly versus them getting paid commission, and the pros and cons of both.


What are Some Secrets of the Best Part Time Tax Preparers?

By Tim Frye

Secrets to being the best tax preparer

THere are some tax preparers who just work part time within the frame of tax season, are in and out of the office, and shortly make good money for their time. Part timers are certainly not that prevalent, and there is a reason for that. Most people who do taxes and expect to make good money expect to put in long hours, and they will work twelve hour days for 100 days straight and hopefully come out the other end on top. However, there are ways to make high rates per hour doing taxes part time, and this article will uncover some of the secrets of the best part time tax preparers.


How Hard is it to be a Tax Preparer?

By Tim Frye

There seems to be plenty of confusion when it comes to determining how hard it is to actually do taxes. Turbo tax has made a millions telling people it really is not that hard, and they don’t need any help and they can go it alone. CPAs have made stacks of cash telling you that doing your own taxes is the fastest way to end broke or in the slammer. The truth is somewhere in between. How hard is it really to prepare income taxes? Well, let us find out.






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