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How Tax Preparers Deal with the Death of Clients

It makes you sad sometimes what can happen in life. One moment of grief that may be underestimated is when a tax preparer, CPA, or Enrolled Agent experiences the misfortune of a longtime tax client dying. You become close with clients and you truly care for them.

Me personally I have lost a few clients over the years and it is never easy.

Pronto Tax Class New Year's Resolutions for 2012

2011 was quite a year in more ways than one. For us here at Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc., it was a particularly exciting year because we released our first online tax courses at ProntoTaxClass.com and at RenewCTEC.com. While the response from Pronto Tax Class Students has been flattering, we know that there are still ways that we can--and must--improve our online and in-person tax courses.

Keep reading to find out three ways that Pronto Tax Class plans to get better in 2012.

Happy New Year

Three Tips for New Tax Preparers to Start Getting Clients

Now that we have students graduating from our online tax course at ProntoTaxClass.com, we have started to encounter the "Now what?" question from our recently-minted professional tax preparers. As we've said from the beginning of this course, our goal is for our students to actually make money doing taxes, not just take a tax course and be able to say "I'm a professional tax preparer."

Therefore, this "Now what?" question is very important to us, to try to help our Pronto Tax Class Graduates find a profitable place in the tax business. In reality, though, it is YOU who will need to take action to get your first 100, 500, and then 1,000 tax clients. So, what concrete actions can a new tax preparer take to start acquiring clients?

One Thousand Dollar Bill

Well-Paid Tax Preparers Keys to Success

We speak in our "how much money tax preparers make" article about how most first year tax preparers make about $10 per hour, and this is true no matter if you work at the fanciest CPA firm or a mainstream tax prep chain. But there is a select group that can make $15-$20 per hour. Here is a video excerpted from Pronto Tax Class that gives you a few keys to success to making more money as a tax preparer:

We would especially encourage new tax preparers who want to earn the maximum amount in their early tax seasons to follow advice number one and that is to find a niche, don't try to be "all things to all people."

But what niche should you pursue, and how do you know if a niche is worth pursuing?

Student Questions About IRS Competency Test

There are a lot of questions that are swirling around about this IRS Competency Test, what it means for the new tax preparer, when it is due, and so forth.

We had an interesting question this morning via email from a recent graduate of Pronto Tax Class wondering if she would have to take more hours of education and take the IRS test before she can do taxes.

The short answer to this is "NO"! You do NOT need to take any more courses or tests except Pronto Tax Class to be eligible to do taxes for pay in 2012.

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