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Pronto Tax Class Blog

On Line Tax Course

By Tim Frye

If you are looking for a course that shows you how to do taxes and will give you your tax license upon completion, you have come to the right place.  Pronto Education offers a CTEC Certified 60 Hour Tax Preparation course that can get you your tax license in as little as two weeks.  Let’s take a look at the overall features of our course and how it differs from the competition.


Tax Course Written by Enrolled Agent

Our tax course is written by Andy Frye, the co-owner of Pronto Income Tax, a third generation tax office in business in the greater Los Angeles area for over 60 years.  Our course is written by a man who doesn’t just study a tax book. He actually has completed over 20,000 tax returns throughout his decade plus tenure with Pronto Income Tax.  Andy is an enrolled agent as well, and has represented clients in disputes and settlements with the IRS, so he knows what it is like from the inside.  The course is written in a clear, concise, and entertaining manner that delineates it from the boring tax course masses.  Many tax courses are authored by persons who are not currently preparing taxes or never have in fact.  We feel that experience is the best teacher, and the author has infused his tax knowledge into each page the Pronto Education book offers. 

Tax Course with Video Tutorials

In this day and age the rudimentary old English language will simply not cut it anymore when it comes to looking for ways to get certified to do taxes.  We know that to learn taxes you need much more than to read a book.  You need on line video tutorials from the instructor himself going through and articulating on the exact manner in which a tax form is completed, visually.  Gone are the days where you can sell a product that is just solely rooted in paperback verbiage.  We understand that true experience is gained through the completion of hundreds and hundreds of practice tax returns, exemplifying all types of taxation situations.  Pronto offers add on practice exams with its sixty hour course packet as well as on line video tutorials for no extra charge. 

Affordable Tax Course

Last but not least, our course is set at a price point that is affordable yet extremely valuable.  We have an on line version that is $177, including all the video tutorials and practice exams.  Our in person or book by mail version is set at a very reasonable $217.  We are always available to answer any of the tax queries you may have along the way.  Give us a call, live chat us, or email us anytime and we will get back to you shortly with someone to assist you in your quest.

So what are you waiting for?  If you are looking to become a tax preparer, and are not into wasting time, go to prontotaxclass.com now and hit the buy now button and get started.  Don’t let this next tax season pass you by my friend!  Good luck and get to work.  




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