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How Tax Preparers Deal with the Death of Clients

It makes you sad sometimes what can happen in life. One moment of grief that may be underestimated is when a tax preparer, CPA, or Enrolled Agent experiences the misfortune of a longtime tax client dying. You become close with clients and you truly care for them.

Me personally I have lost a few clients over the years and it is never easy.

Last year I had a client named Kathryn who passed away, a wonderful person who had moved to the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains from Minnesota, and never looked back. Her daughter handled the final tax return paperwork. She reminded me of my aunt Mara who had passed away when I was younger. May they both rest in peace and if God wills it even converse with each other.

Another client who passed and deserves a bit of eulogizing would be my old friend Craig. Craig also passed beyond this life recently and not only was he an amazing bike mechanic, he was a kind individual who brought dignity and grace when he entered our Monrovia office location. Craig's elderly mother was handling his final tax return and she had always thought it would be him that would handle her final tax return and not the way things actually happened with Craig being taken away from us earlier in life.

If you are considering becoming a tax preparer, the passing away of some of your clients will be an unexpected struggle that you will encounter.

Once you do someone's taxes more than a few times, you get to know people quite well, and you learn to enjoy that moment of working with the person more than you might anticipate.

The only way you want to deal with this dynamic is to make sure to serve your clients well while they are in this world and to make sure to remember them when they have gone before you not only because they were clients, but all the moreso because they were clients and that's the "where" of how you knew them and it is a special space that you both occupied together, something that meant something to both people.

Does anyone else out there who has done taxes professionally have a client who passed that deserves some recognition and respect for what they brought to the table?

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