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 Tax Preparer Disaster Stories

In this blog you will learn of some disaster stories that have happened to tax preparers.

If you are a tax preparer, or thinking about becoming a tax preparer, this blog is designed to warn you what to avoid and hopefully show you how not to fall victim to these disasters.

And hopefully you'll also get a good laugh out of some of these stories...


 How to Become a Wealthy Tax Preparer

By Jamie Waggoner

So, let's get the "bad news" out of the way first.  Based on what I've been learning studying this business with Pronto Tax School Founder Andy Frye, doing taxes isn’t likely to make you wealthy.  That is to say, the actual act of tax preparation does not often lead to wealth.

For example, let's say you do 1,000 tax returns per tax season, which is a pretty huge number.  If you charge $150 per head, that's $150K per year.  Yes you're making good money but it's not some outlandish amount.

Now for the good news!  There are a lot of factors that help a tax preparer become wealthy.  And many people who work as tax professionals do in fact become wealthy.

In this blog, you will find out specific ways to up your annual income, and also your net worth, through working as a tax preparer...keep an open mind because you may not have thought of some of these ideas before.


 Simple Pricing for New Tax Preparers

By: Jamie Waggoner 


I know many of you are new tax preparers and might be worried about how to handle pricing your services since you are the new guy out there, we are here to help.


Why should they pay a high price because you are brand new?  They assume they'll get a deal.  Unfortunately sometimes they may expect pricing that doesn't allow you to stay in business.

Let's talk in this blog post about how using simple pricing could help you get beyond this challenge.



My Review of Robert Flach's New Book So You Want to Be a Tax Preparer

By Andy Frye

Here at Pronto Tax School, we have enjoyed the privilege over the past six years of bringing thousands of people into the tax business as newly minted professional tax preparers.  Many Pronto Tax Class Graduates start with literally no knowledge of taxes and, within 60 hours and for less than $300 total investment, they become professional tax preparers through our online tax course that gives tax preparers your first credential showing you have indeed "gone pro."

Now the reality is, as we clearly state in our materials, completing your course is only one step in the process of becoming a success in the tax business.

To achieve true mastery as a professional tax preparer is a journey of many years.

Robert Flach, a veteran tax professional who runs one of the best (not boring!) tax blogs online, recently released a brief but compelling book called So You Want to Be a Tax Preparer: Advice from a Veteran Tax Pro.

Mr. Flach's book, which can be purchased for less than $6 per the instructions at this link, should be required reading for anyone who's considering getting into the tax business as a tax preparer.  You'll find numerous nuggets of golden information in these pages, giving you a clear view of how to succeed in this profession on your own terms.

In this blog post, I'll give you my review of Mr. Flach's book, so that you can see how Mr. Flach's perspective might enhance yours as you start (or continue) your journey as a professional tax preparer...





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