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Pronto Tax Class Blog

Pronto Tax Class Blog

 Vacation…Can I Write It Off on My Taxes?

 By Jamie Waggoner

Ever wondered why they have conventions in fun places where you'd like to take a vacation? 

For example, a doctor convention in Hawaii.  Think maybe those doctors are writing that business trip off on their taxes and may have some fun while they're in Hawaii?

You may be onto something...but is it legal according to IRS to deduct travel expenses related to a vacation?

How Do Taxes Work If I Am Emancipated?

By Jamie Waggoner

"How do taxes work if you're emancipated?"  Some children or teenagers have difficult family situations that lead to them declaring themselves independent from their family, i.e. emancipated, well how does that affect your taxes?  You know, that is a very interesting question, I Googled it and it seems Google doesn’t even know.

And, if Google doesn't even know, this must be serious!

This blog post will give you some things to consider when thinking about how your taxes will change if and when you decide to get emancipated...




Picture Credit: http://www.quickmeme.com/zach-galifianakis

Can You Really Learn To Do Corporation Tax Returns Online?

 By: Jamie Waggoner

By now everyone has heard about online education.  A lot of people are still skeptical, though, about whether or not you can really learn complex topics in an online course.  For example, Pronto Tax School has a a new online training program teaching tax professionals how to perform corporation tax preparation and consulting.

But let's be real, is it realistic to expect to learn how to prepare corporation tax returns from an online course?

Let's explore that issue and name out some pros and cons to learning corporation tax preparation through an online course...

 Service Animals… Can I Write Off Their Expenses?

By Jamie Waggoner

If you have a service animal, can you write off the expenses for the animal as a tax deduction?  This is something many people have wondered about because, why not?  If you need the animal for medical purposes maybe there is a tax deduction associated.

 So, can you write off your service pet’s expenses?

I ended up researching this topic and I actually found that yes you can if you qualify for a service pet dduction, as long as you follow the IRS rules.  Keep reading to learn more.... 



Why are so many tax preparers old?

By: Jamie Waggoner


Now I know we caught your attention with this blog post title! 😊

 But don't be offended, being "of a certain age" is actually a major benefit in the tax business, and in fact this is one profession where society still has a proper respect for seniors.


Read this blog post to discover a few reasons why senior citizens are some of the top tax preparers in the world!